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Blind Barber is now certified Plastic Neutral by rePurpose Global. For every product we sell, we are donating a percentage towards vetted programs that will collect and recycle as much plastic waste from the environment as we use in our packaging and operations.

As well as reducing our plastic use wherever possible, this partnership with rePurpose Global allows us to fund cutting-edge recycling, support ethical wages for marginalized waste workers in India, and ultimately reduce plastic leakage into landfills and waterways.

By doing so, we are proud to announce that every Blind Barber purchase will now carry a Net Zero Plastic Footprint. Learn more about our Plastic Neutral Guarantee at

1. Measure

rePurpose works with us to quantify the plastic footprint per product line, based on the plastic content of our packaging.

Blind Barber Wholesale Sustainability
2. Offset

By donating a percentage of every product purchase to plastic reduction efforts, Blind Barber is enabling the removal of low-value plastic waste otherwise landfilled, burned or flushed into the oceans every year. Through our partnership with rePurpose Global, Blind Barber is supporting vetted waste management social enterprise CARPE in India to collect and process hard-to-recycle waste streams otherwise too low value to be reclaimed from the environment.

Blind Barber Wholesale Sustainability
3. Reduce

Blind Barber recognizes the grave threat that plastic pollution poses to the future of our planet and is planning to take further action against this epidemic. “We have seen the devastating amount of waste generated every day by our industry, so to us, the urgency of this crisis was impossible to ignore and we decided to step up. Our planet needs us all and Blind Barber will continue to take strong strides to protect her. Keep an eye out as we continue to on this mission of going plastic free as we have some exciting developments on the horizon.

Blind Barber Wholesale Sustainability